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The purpose of this wiki is to collaborate on the topic of technology in the classroom. Various emerging technologies will be presented. See the other pages of this site (links on the left) to find out more about these technologies for the classroom.

Technology Professional Development

In using technology in education, professional development must include technology skills. Technology PD in the past few years has mainly focused on the 'how to" of using various hardware and software. Currently, the trend is to focus more on merging technology and curriculum - where technology is a tool in the classroom. Therefore, basic technology skills are not concentrated on as much - emphasis is placed on how technology enhances instruction and student learning.

My Own Personal PD Story

I have been learning about technology along with all the teachers and staff in Cherokee County Schools since 1994 and it has been a wild ride! I understand, firsthand, the challenges educators face as they try to integrate technology into their classroom and at the same time remain faithful to the curriculum and their classroom goals. The journey from novice to expert in technology is daunting.

These skills are not what most educators signed up for when they came into the profession. The expectations for educators today have changed tremendously over the past few years. The teacher must be a learner along with the students and with the continual changes in technology, it's never-ending! However, we can do it and it IS happening. Compare it to changing a tire - while you're still driving the car!

Just as individualized instruction must take place in each classroom based on student needs, a one-size-fits-all professional development plan will not work for all educators. By offering a variety of professional growth opportunities, we can better provide what will "fit" for each school staff member. It's a personal thing - just as my learning opportunities are personal to me.

It takes time, practice, risk, failures and simple successes to get to an expert status. I'm still working on it! How about you?

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